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Slices that aren’t so square: St. Louis style pizza

I’m not going to lie, St. Louis style pizza, slathered with provel cheese (a processed combination of cheddar, swiss, and provolone) is by no means “good” pizza. But for people who grew up in St. Louis, like myself, it’s become an acquired taste that we go so far to crave. According to Wikipedia, Provel was […]

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St. Louis Beer Culture

While traditionally St. Louis has been known globally as a center of macro-brewing and the formidable headquarters of Anheuser-Busch brewing (Budweiser), the sale of AB (as we locals affectionally call the company) to Belgium-based In-Bev has resulted in a shakeup of the local market. As a consequence, there has been a brewing gold-rush of sorts […]

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End of Semester Blues: Parties and Skating

Hai, So it’s the end of the semester, the finish line is in sight, and all you have to do is turn in that one. last. paper. But wait! It’s Friday and that evaluation plan for the project you’ve been putting together all semester isn’t due until Monday (sorry Dr. Seibert-Kuhlman!). This means that you […]

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From a Cemetery on a Hill

Cemeteries have always intrigued me. When I was a small child, my grandmother and I would visit the grave of my great grandmother, located in a small, overgrown patch of land near the Greek-Macedonian border. The hot dry summer grass swayed gently in the wind and on the way home we would pilfer figs from […]

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