A huge draw to the Brown School of Social work for me was the international aspect.  I have been fortunate to study and work in many different countries. However, the countries that touched me the most were in East Africa. I studied abroad in Madagascar and worked in a Kenya orphanage. Ever since these experiences, my only goal in life is to get back to these countries that have meant so much to me and my personal growth.  The Brown School offers practicums abroad and skills that will be useful on an international level. This background information is not only interesting, but important to the my story.

The African countries I visited were enriched in culture.  These counties were enhanced by their dress, rituals, manners, and food. Ahh yes, the food. Madagascar’s meals consisted of mainly rice; we even ate rice for breakfast. Kenya had a staple food called ugali, which is starchy and tasteless. Both of these countries are not exactly known for their exceptional cuisine and diverse plates.  When you think of African cuisine many automatically think of Ethiopian food. Well, at least I do. That is because Ethiopian food is delicious!! DELICIOUS!!

For those of you that have never had the honor to indulge in Ethiopian food, let me tell you, you are missing out. It usually consists of vegetables mixed with spices and mushed together to make a thick stew. The dishes are also accompanied by meat: lamb, chicken, beef. The best part of the meal is that you get to eat with your hand. Yes that is right, with your hands. You pinch the meat and vegetables with a sourdough type of bread. All in all, it is good food eaten in a fun way.

For those of you who LOVE Ethiopian food, like myself, or those who are ready to indulge in something that is new and tasty, St. Louis has the best opportunity for you. There is a restaurant called Selam that is located on the loop on Delmar that has the best Ethiopian food. The food is good good that it is making me consider doing my concentration practicum in Ethiopia… but really, it is great!

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